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Make sense of profits

Understand where you are and where you need to go

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Let's improve your profitability!

Enter your numbers

Guided experience

Enter your numbers and learn your business step by step. The virtual advisor guides you through your options.
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Understand your biz

Clear insights

Get insights that make sense. Profit Decoder clarifies your business and your options for making smart choices.
Make changes

Changes in a click

Model changes in a couple of clicks. See the answers to your what-if questions without a spreadsheet or math.
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Profit goal

Create your plan

Stop guessing and start understanding. Set a Profit goal and see the sales, pricing, and cost targets to get there.

Profit answers made simple

Model changes to your business in just a few clicks. Model scenarios effortlessly - all without an accountant.

Get guided help
Determine pricing
Estimate costs
Find breakeven
Set a profit goal
Explore volume
Model equipment

“Goodbye silly
accounting words”

“No more
spreadsheet hell”

“Take control over
your numbers”

Answer the questions keeping you up at night

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Should I raise my prices?
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How will cost changes impact profit?
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Should I hire a new employee?
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What happens if I sell more?
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When will I meet my profit goal?
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Should I buy new equipment?
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"I've spent so many hours trying to create spreadsheets that weren't as useful!"

Jon Stein
Founder, Fogtown Brewing Co.

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