Get a grip on profitability in minutes

You have a business, we want to help you make more money. Profit Decoder is an easy-to-use tool that helps small businesses understand and develop plans for profitability.

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The big idea

Taking control of your numbers is in your reach. Profit Decoder can get you the answers you need to thrive.

Understand your numbers

Understand revenue, costs, and profits in a simple straightforward way. No jargon and MBA required.

Determine how to improve

Determine changes needed to improve profitability. The guided experience walks you through each step.

Create a plan for growth

Test scenarios with ease.  See how raising prices, increasing sales volume and decreasing costs impact your profit.


Take it one question at a time

Whether your books are a mess or organized you can use Profit Decoder to unleash your next chapter of success.


Get clear insights for smart decisions

Stop guessing and start understanding your business profitability with Profit Decoder’s simple yet powerful insights. You will get clear insights in simple language to help improve profits.

  • Why am I losing money?
  • What if I want to grow?
  • When will I start making money?

Take control of
your business

Model decisions before you make them and understand all the tools at your disposal to increase profitability. 

  • Should I raise my prices or lower them?
  • Should I lower my costs?
  • How will sales volume affect my profitability?