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Hi all,

I'm sending this to you because you're all involved with many small businesses.

As you know, I'm trying to grow my own small business into something bigger. You may not know I HATE financials. In fact I hate them so much I avoided getting a handle on them, which exacerbated the problem because then I felt guilty about not doing a good job, which made me avoid them even more... downward spiral...

I've participated in countless programs. Dealing with financials was a prominent part of all of these, because many small businesses find the whole process downright terrifying (me included). And while these programs were great and I got a little more comfortable with financials, nothing really changed. Enter Profit Decoder....whom I will now forever think of as accounting Ativan.

I've worked with the Profit Decoder team a few times and have always been wowed by their process, but yesterday they walked me through Profit Decoder and I'm actually worried about telling you how great it is because you might think I'm getting some kickback or something. I'm not. I just feel an duty to fellow business owners to spread the word about this product.

Profit Decoder is LIFE CHANGING. I learned more in that hour than I have in the years of attempts to understand my finances, and I now feel equipped to really work with and understand my numbers. And that is just HUGE.

The two employees I had on the phone with me were equally wowed. I seriously can't say enough good things about his program and I wonder why no one came up with something like it before.

So I'm passing this information along to you in hopes you'll reach out to him to learn more about Profit Decoder. And if any of you are developing curricula or programs to help small businesses, please do these businesses a solid by introducing them to the Profit Decoder. It is literally life changing.

Sorry if this seems out of left field but this is literally the best money I've ever spent on my business, and I know it would be equally life changing to many other businesses.

Togue Brawn

Wall of love

100's of inspiring entrepreneurs say it best

"I liked that multiple ways of thinking of the same problem were presented. I also like that a space was created to ask "dumb" questions. I think its is going to make a huge difference in our business planning capacity."


Fresh Food Generation

"This was unbelievably helpful for me. Can't say enough good things about it."


Downeast Dayboat

"Okay, by now you are seeing the pattern here that everything has been so useful! Love having an easy tool (multiple tools) to measure this. Easy makes it happen!"


Vermont Switchel Co.

"Extremely important. Clear enough with enough resources to figure it out."


Middle Earth Mushrooms

"Awesome. The tool was extremely fun and useful."


Dream Goats

"Taking something I've thought about and putting it down on paper with exact instruction opened a big door for us."


30 Acre Farms

"Wish I had this years ago."


Abalone Farm

"I went to school for mineralogy and petrology, so needless to say I have very little business finance experience. It was awesome. I learned a lot, and also put into perspective just how much I need to learn before we launch."


Beech Mountain Distilling

"Just what I needed...helpful and simplified and explained ultimately in the context of taking our financials by the reins. Or taking the financial controls."


Exercise Design Lab



Colvard & Co. Sausages

"This is all stuff I need to clarify for our business."


30 Acre Farms

"Loved this and got many insights from this."


Old Dog Baking Co.

"Information was provided in terms I could understand which I so appreciated."


Abel's Lobster Pound

"Really appreciative of the different tools we received to calculate our breakeven point. This was all new to me and totally invaluable to how we approach our business."


Maine Maker 3D

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