Jay and Jordan here,

From oyster farms to shuffleboard clubs, we've stood beside countless creative souls chasing their dreams. But too often, those dreams fall short because - money.

So, we did something about it. We've been entrepreneurs and educators, teaching business owners how to make it on their terms.

Our mission? Smash the barriers, break the stereotypes. Were out to make the financial stuff simple. We live for those 'aha' moments when you see your dream turn profitable.

Rooting for you,
Jay and Jordan
Jay Friedlander

Jay is a co-founder of Profit Decoder. He has spent the last two decades as an entrepreneur and sustainable business professor, teaching entrepreneurs the skills they need to succeed. He developed Profit Decoder to give entrepreneurs an easy way to see the big impacts small changes can have on their livelihood. Jay has worked with small businesses and entrepreneurs in over 15 counties and has been featured in the New York Times, Entrepreneur and dozens of other media outlets.

Jordan Motzkin

Meet Jordan, Co-Founder of Profit Decoder, a pragmatic guide tailored for small businesses like yours. With a knack for unraveling complexities and a proven record of propelling businesses from ground zero to million-dollar sales, Jordan's mission is to make business concepts easily understandable. While he's advised Fortune 100 firms and startups, his main focus is empowering Profit Decoder to demystify numbers, facilitating decisions that not only improve businesses but change lives.