Jay and Jordan here,

From oyster farms to shuffleboard clubs, we've stood beside countless creative souls chasing their dreams. But too often, those dreams fall short because - money.

So, we did something about it. We've been entrepreneurs and educators, teaching business owners how to make it on their terms.

Our mission? Smash the barriers, break the stereotypes. Were out to make the financial stuff simple. We live for those 'aha' moments when you see your dream turn profitable.

Rooting for you,
Jay and Jordan
Jay Friedlander

Meet Jay, one of the co-founders of Profit Decoder. Having worked with hundreds of start-ups and small businesses, Jay has a talent for demystifying the numbers so businesses can easily make informed decisions to grow.

His approach comes from working with hundreds of small businesses, high growth start-ups as well as consulting with multibillion dollar companies, and teaching entrepreneurship for over two decades around the world. Jay’s work has been covered in The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Forbes and dozens of other publications.

With Profit Decoder, Jay knows that you can more easily get answers with impact, by entering the numbers as you understand them, and leaving behind the accounting speak and spreadsheet confusion. His goal is for you to find answers that improve your business and your life.

Jordan Motzkin

Meet Jordan, the Co-Founder of Profit Decoder, a pragmatic guide for small businesses. With a knack for unraveling complexities and a proven track record of propelling businesses from ground zero to million-dollar sales, Jordan's focus is on making business concepts accessible.

His insights are grounded in close collaboration with hundreds of small businesses, acting as a consultant for Fortune 100 companies and high-growth startups. In these roles, he has helped secure over $100 million in early-stage investment.

Jordan has served as an entrepreneurship professor at Drexel University and as a lecturer at Columbia University, among others.

His primary goal is to ensure that Profit Decoder demystifies the numbers, enabling informed decisions that not only enhance businesses but also transform lives.