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Do you hate math?
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Scared by your numbers?
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Accounting a foreign language?

Take the guesswork out of achieving your dreams

In this essential masterclass, you will leave understanding how to determine the sales needed to reach your salary goal and the four levers impacting profitability.

Module 1

Understand your numbers

Module 2

Analyze your business

Module 3

Create your plan

Module 4

Scenarios for growth



Understand revenue, costs, and profits in a simple straightforward way.



Understand revenue, costs, and profits in a simple straightforward way.



Understand revenue, costs, and profits in a simple straightforward way.

Course overview

Stop guessing and start planning your way to a more secure future.

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Module 1
1 Hour

Understand your numbers

We help you grip on revenues, costs, & profits in a simple straightforward way

List of costs that go into producing a cookie
Module 2
1 Hour

Analyze your business

Our guided process reveals changes to improve your profitability

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Module 3
1 Hour

Create your plan

We will walk you through how to brainstorm and prioritize to reach your goals

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Module 4
1 Hour

Scenarios for growth

Learn how to use scenarios to fine tune your plan and make confident decisions

It's about you and your business

Ideas aren’t enough. We will guide you on how to apply your new skills to your business.




Perfect for what you are bulding

Whether you sell flowers or fish Profit Decoder has you covered.

Physical training
Restaurant & bar
Food truck
Floral studio
Craft brewing
Event planning
Handmade goods
Donut shop
Doggy daycare
Jewelry maker
Vintage resale
Packaged food
Mushroom growing
and more...

Does this sound like you?

Now you

Chaos and anxiety monster
a laptop with a worried face on it
The plan you have is to do more of everything and clone yourself
You pay yourself when you have money “left over”
You have so many ideas you don’t know where to start
Figuring out how to actually make money feels out of reach
You never feel like you have enough time, money or control
You're spending too much time on things that you hate - like figuring out the numbers

New you

Confident and with a plan
laptop with a relaxed face
You’re focused on how to generate the most profit doing what you love
Your salary is built into your business and accounted for in all decisions
You have prioritized your ideas and know where to start
You’ve got a profit plan and know how to make adjustments if things change
You see and are experiencing growth, allowing you to grow your vision
Figuring out your numbers is easy and you are spending more time doing what you love

How we learn

You will see creative ways of explaining concepts that make them accessible to people without financial or math backgrounds, which you won't see anywhere else, honed by 20+ years of experience.

and safe

Join a community of peers who are trying to build a better business for themselves.

Get expert

Ask questions and get real answers in a safe and productive learning environment.

Engaging and impactful

Each session is packed with visual and engaging explanations of financial concepts made simple.  

What you get

More than a masterclass. A compass to success.

Profit Decoder

You’re a creative entrepreneur - not a math guru. Let Profit Decoder help you make more doing what you love. Profits are just a few clicks away.
Get clear profit insights for your business
See changes to your profitability in a few clicks
Create the path to your profit goal
from 100+ reviews
Dashboard mockup

Bonus materials

Cost categorizing cheatsheet


Profitability levers of change two-pager


Pricing model


NASA-inspired prioritization matrix


Cash crunch survival guide


Free Profit Decoder Pro Plan


The leaders

Our purpose is helping creative people make more doing what they love

Jay Friedlander
Jordan Motzkin
Hey! Jay and Jordan here

We created this essential master class to help entrepreneurs use financial knowledge to achieve their profit goals and creative dreams.

From farming oysters to a shuffleboard nightclub, we have been side-by-side with hundreds of creative people who started a business excited to do what they love. But too often, we see people pouring their hearts into a business only to end up with too little.

A little about us

Worked with over 100+ small businesses
Started and helped scale businesses from $0 to $M in sales
Scaled businesses from launch to 15+ locations
Scaled businesses from U.S. to global markets

We work hard to
please hard workers

100's of inspiring entrepreneurs say it best

"This was unbelievably helpful for me. Can't say enough good things about it."


Downeast Dayboat

"Awesome. The tool was extremely fun and useful."


Dream Goats

"Very impressed with the amount of material covered in a short time"


Blue Ox Malthouse

"Slides were great, really clear explanations, it did not feel exhausting or overwhelming. I learned a lot and the concepts I already knew were reinforced."


Fresh Food Generation

"Very glad we are walking out of here with some key goals and next steps and I like the two tools (Apollo and priority quadrant) I can use with my staff to help determine work plan priorities.  Also, the conversation really brought up some key existential crisis questions we need to be asking about our programs and their long-term sustainability."


New Entry

"Wish I had this years ago."



"Seriously, the clearest way these concepts have ever been presented to me."


Little Red Flower Truck

"So much information conveyed in an easy-to-understand format.


Maine Maker 3D

a man holding a bottle

"I've spent so many hours trying to create spreadsheets that weren't as useful!"

Jon Stein
Founder, Fogtown Brewing Co.

Make it your year

Profitability is in your reach


Logistics and timing

How long is this master class?
The master class is 3 sessions, lasting one hour each.
How long will I have access to master class materials and tools?
As a member of the master class, you will receive a 1-year subscription to our Growth Plan ($140 value) that lets you create 10 scenarios, model cost and price changes, set a sales volume goal and develop a profit plan. The class resources, such as the templates and worksheets, are yours to use as long as you like.
How does a live master class work?
A live master class uses familiar platforms like Zoom, so participants can ask questions and chat with the instructors and each other throughout the class. Live classes are more engaging and do more to build a community over the 3 sessions.
I don’t have time right now…is this course given again?
Yes, we do the courses periodically. Sign-up to our email list to be notified of future courses and the latest ideas from Profit Decoder.
When is the next course?
While we don’t have the schedule yet for the next course, sign-up to our email list to be notified of future courses and the latest ideas from Profit Decoder.

Pricing and payment

Does this master class qualify as a business expense?
It might, depending on your business.
Do you offer discounts?
At this time, we are not offering discounts for individuals.
If I join, can I upgrade my Profit Decoder plan later?
As a member of the master class, you will receive a 1-year subscription to our Growth Plan ($140 value) that lets you create 10 scenarios, model cost and price changes, set a sales volume goal and develop a profit plan. You are always welcome to upgrade your plan in the future. 
Can I purchase this course and have my team members join?
The course pricing is for one person. We’d love to have team members join provided each of them purchases the master class.

Learning and outcomes

What will I be capable of doing after the program?
After the program, you’ll be capable of using Profit Decoder to: Build a profitability plan, model cost changes, model price changes, and create new scenarios to analyze different parts of your business
You’ll also understand the 4 elements of profitability and know how to use the prioritization matrix to create a plan of action.
How is this master class different?
We’re different in two ways. First, we remove the intimidation and fear of math and make these concepts relatable to people without formal business training. We have gotten rid of the accounting jargon and MBA speak. Second, over the three sessions, you will have a fundamentally different understanding of your business.
Does this program apply to my industry?
The program only applies to industries that need to consider changing costs and prices, setting sales targets and how to make a living. So if you are in some magical industry that doesn’t consider these things, please tell us about it. We want to get in on the action.
I haven’t started my business yet - can I still take this masterclass?
Yes! Congratulations for tackling problems before they arise! The master class will help you understand key decisions around costs, pricing, sales and profits so you can plan for success. It is much less expensive to make mistakes in a model versus in real life.

Have questions?