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Our purpose is helping creative people make more doing what they love

Hey! Jay and Jordan here

From farming oysters to a shuffleboard nightclub, we have been side-by-side with hundreds of creative people who started a business excited to do what they love. But too often, we see people pouring their hearts into a business only to end up with too little.

So, we decided to do something about innovative people getting short-changed, and that's how Profit Decoder and our masterclass were born. We remove the intimidation from learning business skills so entrepreneurs can take control of their ventures.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the lightbulb moment when entrepreneurs see how to improve profitability and make more by following their dreams.

Jay Friedlander and Jordan Motzkin are real people who give a damn about enabling people to follow their passion. We are entrepreneurs and professors who have taught hundreds of innovative business owners how to achieve profitability.

Join our movement to give creative business owners a fighting chance.

More about Jay

Worked with over 100+ small businesses
Teaches business across the globe, including College of the Atlantic and as a fellow at Babson, the #1 school for entrepreneurship
Chief Operating Officer of the world's first natural and organic restaurant chain, where he grew the business to 15 restaurants and millions in sales
Helped leaders at some of the largest companies in America build their brands and businesses
Has been a ski bum, a Peace Corp volunteer in West Africa and walked the Camino Frances

More about Jordan

Worked with over 100+ small businesses
Helped startups raise over $100 million from conception to large-scale and human-scale businesses
Helped grow an education software company from its early days to over 3.5 million users
Worked for billionaire entrepreneur Gerry Lenfest, helping him improve business performance
Once lived in the woods without running water or electricity for 7 weeks
Featured for helping entrepreneurs kick ass
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